How to Purchase

Business Calls is sold through the following Industry Associations:

Contact Dan L'Heaureaux or Linda Osip for your application forms.

Publication Deadlines

Business Calls will be published every month, on or around the 15th of the month so that subscribers will have it ready for their customers before the first of every month.

Available Subscription Options

1 / $1,200.00
2 / $675.00
4 / $375.00


All subscriptions to Business Calls will be PERSONALIZED with your company name, contact information and association affiliations.

The title of the publication will be either “Business Calls” – or a title of your choosing.

There is a one time fee for creation of shell – $75.00

Customization Options

Customization – (as described below), is a pay-for-option.

There are Customizable Article Options available to subscribers. All Customization will be written by the Subscriber and must be received by Business Calls by the first day of the month prior to publication or it will not be included in the issue. (Business Calls will deliver the newsletter in PDF format on or about the 15th of every month.) Customization fees are calculated yearly - giving the subscriber the option of sending in their own articles or using the generic option provided by Business Calls, the company.

The President’s Letter

– Additional $10.00 per issue - payable yearly.
Written by the subscriber, in the first person, in a conversational tone, sharing business philosophy or things that the subscriber wants their customers to know. The President’s Letter will be accompanied by a photo of the President that will be the same for all issues.

The President’s Letter will be written by the subscriber or someone in the subscriber’s company.

  • It should be between 225 and 275 words.
  • It must be received by Business Calls fully proofread and ready to print. Business Calls will not be responsible for proofreading.

Replacing the President's letter and other articles with those written by the subscriber is encouraged. The fee for replacing multiple articles is an additional $20.00 per moth - payable yearly.


If you have questions or comments please email us at