Send Business Calls to your customers either in its generic form, OR with customization that makes the newsletter uniquely yours.

Customize Business Calls to make it your own! The more you make the newsletter about YOU, the more your customers will know you and be loyal to you. We suggest that you write one, two or three articles every month that will make this generic Business Calls truly speak to your customers about your business.

Change the Name – Business Calls is a really good name for this newsletter and there is really no need to change it BUT, perhaps there is a better name for YOUR business newsletter. We named our newsletter “The Focal Point” since we are Focus Telecommunications. We held a contest within our company and one of our staff members suggested this one, it won all the votes. There is a one time fee of $75.00 to change the name of your newsletter and make it a part of your personal shell.

The President’s Letter – You write the President’s letter. Keep it to 300 words (about 3 paragraphs). Things to highlight in your president’s letter:

  • Your company anniversary
  • Earning the AoE or AoD
  • Employees being promoted
  • Key Employee achievements (community accolades, graduations, etc)
  • Your involvement in the community (Charities, Chambers, Rotary, etc)
  • Attending an industry event (CAM-X, ATSI, Regional and User Group Meetings)
  • Goals for the New Year
  • Adding new services, new equipment
  • Becoming certified (site, agent, dispatcher, supervisor)
  • Family milestones (for family oriented businesses)
  • Rate increases

Introducing – Write a column about a key employee every issue. Cover the following – you can even make this a “question and answer” article and fill in the blanks:

  • Who – Name and a photo
  • What – explain their position
  • Where – do they fit into your operation – explain their importance
  • Why – did they choose to work in your company
  • When – did they join your company – when did they take their current position
  • How – have they benefited your company and your clients businesses
  • What - do they do in their spare time

Excellence – Write a short column giving the scores of your monitoring for the month List the names of every agent who scores above 85% or 90%. This could take the place of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook icons. Or could fit in the sidebar.


Each newsletter is set up with a company specific 'shell' that continues with the lifetime of your subscription. These items are included in the base cost and setup when you purchase a subscription.

  • Beneath the title "Business Calls" you will receive a personalized tag line "A newsletter for the customers of "Your company name."
  • A list of your contact numbers on the left side bar of the front page.
  • A business information section on the back page (items like facebook and twitter information).
At the time of purchase your contact numbers will be included in the shell setup for your company.

Customization provides a deeper level of integration with your company.

With our different options you have the options of:

  • Replacing the newsletter title "Business Calls" with one of your choosing.
  • Including your own "President's Letter" on every issue.
  • Including assorted articles specifically tailored to your company.
  • Articles written by us on your requested topic.


Still not sure which options you would prefer or have questions? Please contact us.