Business Calls is a company that produces monthly newsletters intended for the customers of the Telephone Answering/Contact Center Industry.

Every good newsletter article answers six basic questions about the subject: Who, What, Where, How, Why and When, in no particular order.

Donna West and Barbara Ireland.

For over 25 years these two ladies have been writing newsletters and newsletter articles for the telephone answering service industry.

Donna West Donna West is the owner of Focus Telecommunications, Inc., which was founded in 1987. Three years later she began writing her own client newsletter and has continued to this day.

She enjoys working with two sons and two daughters-in-law who carry much of the load. She is thrilled that her eldest grandchild is also an agent at Focus.

In her spare time Donna spends quality time with her 13 grandkids, and creates miniature homes and businesses in one-inch to one-foot scale. She and her Lilac-point Siamese, Benny live in Clarksville, Maryland where her door is always open to friends in the industry.

Barbara Barbara Ireland has been a part of the call center industry since 1983. She began as an operator and worked her way through the ranks to Director of Operations. Barbara and Donna have worked on a number of different publications together, from in house employee and client newsletters, to industry newsletters.

Barbara enjoys spending time with her two sons, creatively finding ways to engage their learning and understanding of the world, and reading.


  • The Focal Point!, the Focus client newsletter upon which Business Calls is based.
  • The Galaxy, a publication for SNUG members.
  • The Constellation, a publication for the employees of the TAS industry.
  • Answer OnLine, an e-zine for the members of ATSI.
And NOW, they bring you Business Calls, a newsletter for the customers of telephone answering services.