Business Calls provides a simple way to "touch" our clients.

  • To tell them what's new
  • To show them ways to use our services
  • To remind them of our services to them
  • To help them get to know us
  • To build loyalty

People LIKE to do business with people they know. Your customers can get to know you by reading YOUR newsletter. Conventional wisdom says that customers need to be "touched" on a regular basis so that they feel appreciated. Don't ignore your customers, touch them.

Supervisor Snacks is a Blog for Supervisors and Leaders in the Telecommunications Industry and throughout the business world. These "bite -sized" morsels of wisdom are meant to whet employee appetites and nourish company leaders.


For over 25 years Donna West has been writing newsletters and articles for the telephone answering service industry.

Donna has received the ATSI President's Award for her contribution of Answer OnLine, the official ATSI e-zine.

In an endeavor to better educate and support the working relationship between telephone answering services and the clients they serve, Donna brings her experience and extensive knowledge in a publication format.

Our goal is to give customers of answering services more information about:

  • The services a TAS can provide
  • Case Studies demonstrating how use of a TAS can help their business
  • The philosophy of the industry
  • Touches of common sense and humor to keep the publication interesting.

Make sure your clients, current and potential, know what makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Explain your awards (Award of Excellence 1998 – 2013)
  • ATSI 24/7 Gold Site Certified
  • Certified Agents – 90%
  • Certified Dispatchers – 90%
  • Certified Supervisors – 100%
  • Brag about the longevity of your employees - 75% of our agents have been with us 10 years or longer